How to Order

Ordering Help

What services do you offer?

We offer four main services depending on your preferences and volume of orders.

Bulk wholesale orders.

iii. Our UK clients can order in bulk by taking advantage of our wholesale printing service and sending the goods to your customers, your home, fulfilment centre or retail store. See the range here.

Low volume single orders.

iv. You may also place single orders (without CSV files) by ordering through the store as normal. These are suitable for low volume sales. Enter your shipping address and pay for each order. Dropship here.

CSV file orders.

i. Our preferred method, is receiving your ‘sold orders’ csv file, which can be downloaded from your selling platform and uploaded to our site. Everything we need to know is within your csv file. Your design code must be placed in your listing’s product title for us to link your design and the product to print. You will be emailed a daily invoice via Square or Stripe Payments. As soon as you pay, we can begin printing your orders. Please introduce yourself beforehand, then upload a csv order file here.

Marketplace integration orders.

ii. By prior approval, we can also offer an integrated service. Your orders are automatically sent to our shipping software as they arrive into your online store. The main advantage of integration is that parcel tracking information will be automatically sent to your store, orders will be marked as complete and your customer will be emailed a tracking number. Uploading your CSV Order file to us is still required because the product titles are only partially visible when received. Daily order CSV files can be uploaded here.

What are CSV files?

CSV files are widely used by volume sellers who need a quick method to process their orders. The CSV file is a spreadsheet document which contains all of the information required to process a marketplace order. It includes the product title, the buyer’s billing and shipping addresses, quantity purchased, the payment amount and method. No private financial information is stored in these files. You will need a program such as the free to use Libre Office, or Microsoft Excel to open these files. Detailed information regarding how to download these files from your marketplaces are available in the help pages above.

Can you include gift notes?

We can include gift notes with your order. However, on Etsy for example, downloaded CSV order files do not include this customer information automatically. You will need to copy and paste these customer gift notes from your order page and include them in your CSV file before sending it to PrintDrop. Gift notes require a little work to create and are charged at 50 pence per order.


We also offer a warehousing and storage service if you need your goods quickly during the busy season. Stock up on your best sellers, then post out to meet demand.

Product Photography

Whether it is quick mockups using your original design files, straight photography of your products, or photography with a little more creativity, PrintDrop has a fully equipped photographic studio with decades of photographic experience. Get started here.