Product Photography

Product Mockups and Studio Photography

Top quality product photography is the key to the success of your creative business. Social media has now become the high street. Customers will ‘impulse purchase’ on Instagram, Pinterest, or even Google Images.

A potential customer will be immediately drawn to the product which catches their eye. Within seconds, the sale could be completed without even looking at competing products. Marketplace algorithms will determine search placement based on your listing’s ability to generate clicks or ad revenue for themselves. So having an appealing ‘first impressions’ image has now become your biggest asset to successful sales online.

Curated marketplaces will also promote products with professional photographs, so make sure that you invest the time (or money) on great product photography. But not everyone has the skills, experience, or the equipment of a professional photographer…

We have a fully equipped photographic studio with top of the range lenses, cameras and lighting…and 30 years of photographic experience too!

We can supply photo-realistic product mockups for speed and volume, straight product photography, or more elaborate photo sets with props. All methods will benefit from our years of experience in photography and graphic design.

Some products are difficult to photograph. Creative use of lighting can transform a product. The example here has been given some strong backlighting from underneath to allow the colours to leap out. Using a straighforward ‘daylight’ window setup would not have worked.

We have a range of ‘bookshelf’ props to create unique product photography shoots. Once we have curated your photo set, your original design files can be inserted into the mockup.

We promise not to use half-eaten biscuits and all of the other strange chiches which find their way into photo shoots!

Our standard mockup for 10oz and 11oz coffee mugs. This is the cheapest and quickest method for getting your shop up and running. Once the photography has been created, the design file is inserted into the mockup using industry standard software. Ideal, for when you have a large amount of designs to be listed.

Please note that we do not provide the actual mockups to ‘do it yourself’, we provide a service to create the final product photo for you.

Some upmarket online venues discourage product mockups. We offer a straight photography service for your printed products.

We use studio lighting to create a natural daylight style of lighting.

Products can either be photographed with a white background for eBay and Amazon styled catalogue images, natural surfaces, or a black background if your product requires it.

No props or arrangements are used in our straight photography service.

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