10oz Mug Design Template – Full Top to Bottom Printing – Digital Download


PrintDrop 10oz Mug Design Template Full Top to Bottom Printing – Digital Download.

An Adobe Photoshop PSD file measuring 22 x 9.2cm at 300 dpi. Full top to bottom and wrap-around design printing very close to the mug handle.

Product height: 9.2cm – 3.62 inches.

Place your design into this file. Use the whole area if required. Remove the guide layer and save as a TIFF file using the Adobe RGB 1998 colour space option.

Printed on both sides as standard. See image gallery for guidance.

Name your files: YourShopName-10MGF-01, 02 etc

When your design is finished, upload it here.

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Additional Info:

If you already have dozens of mug designs and wish to use those instead; you may do so as long as your file does not measure more than 22 cm x 9.2 cm at 300 ppi. Work in RGB mode. Keep text 6mm away from the top and bottom edges. Your design must also be saved in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space if colour accuracy is important. If starting from scratch, please use our template. Work in RGB mode. If converting from CMYK, please check your colours, especially pure black, white and reds.


Your design may be rejected, if the content is not of sufficient quality. Please do not use low quality images with pixelated, blurred, or jpg artefacts. Do not try to upscale your image if the original file is not large enough.

If scanning your own artwork, please make sure that the background is clean and free from unwanted dust and marks. If converting from CMYK to RGB mode, colour shifts will occur. Check that your blacks and whites are pure.


We do not print designs which infringe on registered trademarks or copyrights. If we feel that your design contains, unauthorized Disney, TV, Film, Game and Sporting characters, and you are unable to produce a licence, your design will be rejected.