Design Template Preparation – PrintDrop Graphic Design Service


Design Template Preparation. A graphic design service to make your artwork ‘print ready’.

Useful if you are unfamiliar with professional photo editing software.

Send your highest quality scan or image. Your artwork will be adjusted in Adobe Photoshop. Adjustments include colour mode, resolution, composition, contrast, colour, sharpness and file type.

It is essential that you provide high quality scans of your artwork. Scans with ‘noisy’ compression artifacts may be rejected if the quality doesn’t meet our printing standards. Artwork with dirty backgrounds which require too much editing to clean up will be charged an additional fee.

Price is for one template with a small number of individual elements/ layers within the design. If you need 30 design templates, select a quantity of 30 during checkout.

Once payment is complete. Please send your files in a compressed zip file (2GB limit per transfer) and send via WeTransfer to, or email them directly.

Remember to include your billing name in the WeTransfer message. Signing up is free.

We are unable to create bespoke product designs for you to sell. This is an editing service for PrintDrop customers.

You will not receive the ‘print ready’ templates. Your files will be stored by PrintDrop. You will be given a PrintDrop design code for future orders.

You will be sent a proof if significant changes have been made to the composition or design.

PrintDrop will endeavour to use their creative judgement and experience to create a great looking product.

Once you have received your design codes, we strongly recommend that you order a sample here before committing to a large order.



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