Upload a new design for a purchase.

Before uploading, please use our Photoshop design templates which can be found on the download page.

Only upload a design if you have ordered a sample or placed a bulk order.

Save your file with a design code. Design code details here.

If sending a design for a one-off personalised customer order, use your PrintDrop 4 digit order number as your file name, so that we can link your order and your design.

Place multiple designs into a zip file and send.

Option 1: Send via WeTransfer to sales.printdrop@gmail.com WeTransfer accounts are free to set up and use.

Option 2: Email your designs directly. Send your designs in a zip file with a nice message and email them to sales.printdrop@gmail.com. Remember to include your email address and shop/ business name and any order numbers in a notepad document within the zip file.

Option 3: