We set up PrintDrop for the benefit of North American customers wishing to access the UK and European markets. By ordering your mugs from a UK printer, your parcel can travel without the air miles and pollution of cross Atlantic shipping.


For bulk wholesale orders of mugs, we have teamed up with our friends at Zedify. An expanding courier company determined to change the way parcels are delivered within our British cities. Using electric cargo bikes and electric vehicles, parcel collections and last mile deliveries can be made using zero emissions vehicles. The rest of our small parcels are delivered on foot!


We are ‘friends of the earth’ here at PrintDrop. When it emerged that our plastic waste and recycling efforts were being dumped in the oceans, PrintDrop began a major review of the packaging we use to despatch your orders. We replaced waterproof plastic mailing bags with an additional strong box and experimented with new packaging.

For decades, most mug printers have used individual polystyrene cartons to post fragile mugs safely. We have never been a fan of these, preferring to use double-walled cardboard boxes instead to post our mugs. We are disappointed to learn that our competitors, both big and small, still use these disposable single-use polystyrene cartons. There is no need for these at all. We can guarantee that all of our parcels will be delivered safely. Our cardboard boxes are manufactured here in the UK using FSC packaging from responsible sources.

Our mugs arrive in to us from the manufacturer in individual bags to keep the mugs clean and dust free for printing. We realize that customers are sensitive to receiving plastic packaging and may not want to receive these. Unfortunately, our trials with posting the mugs with card gift boxes rather than the bags, resulted in the mugs being caked with unsightly dust during transit. So rather than dispose of the plastic bags, we re-use and encourage your recipients to re-use these useful bags.

In the end, it cost us a little more to package your mug, but we haven’t passed that cost onto you.