Sending Design Files and Design Codes

Everything you need to know!

Design Templates Introduction.

We provide Photoshop design templates for each of our products which you should use to insert your design into. You will find the link in the menu above called DESIGN TEMPLATES. The templates will  provide the maximum print area for each product. We can print very close to the mug handle, so you may need to adjust your existing designs if desired.

What format are the templates?

We work in the Adobe RGB colour mode. When saving the template in Photoshop, select the ICC Profile: Adobe RGB 1998 Colour Space checkbox and save as a TIFF file. You will find details within the template file to guide you.

You may also create your own Adobe Photoshop PSD file using the measurements in each design template page. All files must  be in RGB mode. If converting from CMYK, colour shifts will appear. Please check that your blacks and whites are fully ‘black and white’ using the colour picker tool.

I don’t have Adobe Photoshop, can you help?

Print ready files using our templates are preferable as they speed up everyone’s order. However, if you have artwork or a logo, we can make your designs ‘print ready’. Just upload or email your artwork before ordering to allow PrintDrop to review your file. High quality images only please. The graphic design service can be purchased here.

Do you accept other file formats?

We accept flattened TIFF files, high quality PNG and layered PSD files only. Jpegs are compressed file formats, so fine details such as text and colour information can loose a lot of detail. Once saved as a jpeg, the image quality cannot be increased.  Layered PSD files and multiple TIFF or PNG files must be sent in a zip file to increase upload times.

You may send layered PSD files if your design requires a little fine tuning, such as individual colour correction of elements within your design, or if you wish to change the layout of elements to accommodate personalised text.

Image Quality?

We prefer high quality designs so that we may print pin-sharp images for your end customer. We have very high standards and may reject low quality images.

View your images at 100% and check for mistakes in your design.

If you have scanned your artwork, creating a duplicate layer and dropping the brightness right down to -100% will reveal all of your unwanted marks.

For inexperienced designers, please do not lift small ‘web resolution’ images from websites for us to print. Your images will be pixelated and blurred. If we ask for 300ppi designs, please do not attempt to upscale your images, as this will reduce the quality further.

Do you accept logos?

We prefer print-ready files for printing. On occasions we may accept individual logos such as football club badges and company logos. If sending individual graphics which are not on our design template, please purchase the graphic design service here.

If your desired finished product requires multiple elements which require ‘work’, an additional design fee of £15 per template will be charged. Please do not waste our time with low quality logos which have been taken from websites or created in free phone apps. Your logos must be of print resolution.


How do I send you the design files?

Once you have saved your designs using our templates, you can either send all of the files in a compressed zip file via WeTransfer. Or email the zip file to the same address at There is also a dedicated upload page.

If purchasing a single mug, you may upload the template using the upload link during checkout.

What are design codes?

A design code is a reference number for your design. Rather than sending your design file each time, PrintDrop will store all of your designs in a customer folder. Simply quote your design code on the PrintDrop product page, or in the customer notes section at the end.

Can I use my own design code?

We both need to understand the design code. A design code will look like JMD-10MG-o5. Your business name initials followed by the product code and your design name. So, Jim McDonald Design, 10oz mug, 05 design = JMD-10MG-05. Or choose your own name at the end. JMD-10MG-armymug.

PrintDrop product codes are as follows:

10MG (10oz Ceramic Mug)

11MG (11oz Ceramic Mug)

PMG (8oz Porcelain Mug)

EM (10oz Enamel Mug)

15MG (15oz Ceramic Mug)

20MG ( 20oz Ceramic Mug)

SWC ( Square Wooden Coaster)

RWC (Round Wooden Coaster)

SGC (Square Glass Coaster)

RGC (Round Glass Coaster)

BB (Bowling Pin Water Bottle Stainless Steel)

WB (Water Bottle Aluminium)

RO (Round Ornament)

PC (Passport Cover)

LT (Luggage Tag)

PP108 (Photographic Print 10×8 inches)

Just add your business name initials at the start and your design’s name at the end. Put a hyphen or an underscore in-between each section.

One-off Personalised Designs

If sending a one-off personalised design which you have created yourself for a customer, please include your four digit PrintDrop order number as your file name. e.g. JMD-10MG-1234