Sending PrintDrop CSV Order Files

Let PrintDrop despatch your orders by sending a spreadsheet.

A CSV order file is a quick way to send us your customer order details and despatch your items for you.

A CSV file contains all of the information PrintDrop needs to process your orders, such as the delivery address and the product to be printed.

You will need a spreadsheet program such as the excellent freeware program, LibreOffice, Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets to create a CSV file.

If you are not downloading your CSV file from your own web store, you may download the PrintDrop CSV template file, which you can edit by inserting your customer’s details. It is really simple!

Download the PrintDrop CSV Template here. Start by editing Line 2, copy and paste your customer address details and start a new line for every order.

Once you have edited your CSV file, save and name your file with your billing name and upload it to our site here.

PrintDrop will then invoice you for you orders. Once paid, we can start printing your orders. Please pay your invoice within 24 hrs.

How much does it cost?

Enter your chosen product into the shopping cart and select your choice of delivery method. The displayed price is what you will pay for each order.