How to download WooCommerce Orders

CSV Files

A CSV file contains all the information PrintDrop needs to process your customer’s orders. The file can be downloaded from the WooCommerce section in your store. It is worth bookmarking the page once you have found it. On WordPress, go to: WooCommerce > Export Orders.

There are many plugins which can do this task, but we use the default plugin.

See the galley image for our own preferred settings. Please use these for guidance.

Select the most recent Date Range and click Express Report.

The file will be downloaded to your computer’s default Downloads folder.

You will need a spreadsheet program such as the excellent freeware program, LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel to open the file.

If you sell multiple products and only want PrintDrop to print your mug orders, remember to delete the rows of orders you do not want us to print.

Once you have edited your csv file, save and name your file with your WooCommerce ShopName and upload it to our site here.

PrintDrop will then invoice you for you orders. Once paid, we can start printing your orders. Please pay your invoice within 24 hrs.