36 Double Walled Mug Boxes




36 double walled shipping/ gift boxes for 8oz, 10oz and 11oz ceramic mugs.

Heavy duty and manufactured to a high standard.

Suitable for shipping within the UK and double up as a gift box for easy gift wrapping.

We recommend sending mugs in a second 152mm cubed double walled box for international shipping.

Colour: Matt White.

Sent flat packed and require simple assembly:

How to fold mug box:

Position box square side up and fold in left and right sides first.

Tuck in the two flaps with the rectangular holes to form base.

Hold in position with right hand.

Use you left hand to bring the top of the box up against the base you formed.

Tuck in the sides to form box shape.

Flip box around to stand up on its base.

Tuck in left and right edges. Your box should now have three walls at the side.

Fold top down and tuck in small rounded flaps like a pizza box.

Video coming soon!